With our safe, effective, easy to use weight loss product you can lose fat faster than ever before.

Take a look at some of the fantastic results our clients have achieved.

Individual weight loss results will vary

1. Bonita Lost 40 kilos and 5 dress sizes!

“I was 40 kilos overweight, suffered bad eczema, terrible indigestion and a slow metabolism after many years of yo-yo dieting and an unhealthy pregnancy.

I was hesitant to start yet another program, only to be disappointed again. Something in me took the risk and I'm glad I did. The first thing I noticed was an unexpected increase in my energy and a soothing of my digestion problems. All within the first 5 days of starting!

Since then my health issues have cleared up, I have new vitality for life, and the best part is I have dropped 5 dress sizes, lost 40 kilos and have kept if off for over a year now!”     

Bonita C, QLD

Individual weight loss results will vary

2. “I feel reborn & now I love myself again!”

“My name is Farid

I used to be massively overweight, weighing 119kg. I suffered from knee and back pains, my cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels were way out of control.
I used to suffer from extreme fatigue (low energy and was always feeling tired) and loved to hate myself.

I started using the products and felt a boost in my energy levels on day 3.

My health started getting better and my knee and back pains faded away.

My doctor was so impressed with how I got control of my sugar and cholesterol levels without the use of any drugs and in such a short time.

I feel amazing! But best of all I LOST 51 KG in LESS THAN 8 MONTHS.

I feel reborn and love myself again!

These products have given me a life I could only have dreamed of in the past!”    

Farid H, NSW

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Individual weight loss results will vary

3. “I now have reduced chronic back pain and my blood sugars are normal!”

“I had given up trying to trim down. I had tried everything, losing some and then gaining even more... a familiar story for a lot of people. I was 135 kilos and size 26 and suffered with chronic back pain for 10 years and out of control blood sugar levels.

After I starting taking some of the products something happened. After just 5 days I started to drop weight and best of all I noticed a MASSIVE increase in my energy levels all without feeling hungry or like I am missing out!! I have tried many products, diets and fads… with none giving me the results and energy I need to feel healthy and strong.

Each month my weight went down and my health improved. I can't believe it! I now have reduced chronic back pain and my blood sugars are normal and at the right levels again. The best part is I feel so alive again and in 12 months I have lost a total of 43 kilos!

I haven’t finished yet!… Having only got half way through my journey… I managed to get pregnant. I am now 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child! I guess the slim down must have something to do with this!

I have stopped my weight reduction regime, however, continue to take the products as good nutrition for my pregnancy!.. and it’s a smooth pregnancy with my blood pressure normal and no need for insulin with this pregnancy (unlike my pregnancy with my second child).

I know this stuff works, for the right reasons…. That it is simply giving our bodies the right nutrition in the right way!

I would like others to experience what I have! RESULTS!!”   

Shona L, ACT

Individual weight loss results will vary

4. “I am very happy with my appearance now and so is my wife!”

“At the age of 22 I weighed 67kg and was in size 77cm pants. 
By the age of 30 I weighed in at 108kg and was busting the buttons of my 97cm pants. 

I realised that with 4 young children I needed to do something about my weight as I could no longer muster enough energy to play with my kids after work or chase my son around the yard.  

Within 2 weeks of starting on the ultimate program I had purchased a BMX pushbike and was riding around the yard with my son after work as well as riding 14km to work and 14km home, the energy was fantastic.  

 I lost 15kg in the first 15 weeks and now two years later I have lost a total of 32kg and comfortably fit into size 82cm pants. I now weigh 76kg. I am very happy with my appearance now and so is my wife!!”  

Robbie P, QLD


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