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Does this product cause any side effects ? 

This is a natural fibre product so has no side effects.

Is it Addictive? 

No, none of the ingredients are addictive.

How does this product work? 

* Reduces the amount of time food spends in the intestinal tract ,which assists in the removal of toxins and wastes from the body. 

* Naturally suppresses the apetite.

* Is an effective fat blocker, it absorbs saturated fat and passes it through the bowels, thereby not allowing saturated fat to enter your bloodstream.

* Works immediately - contains a patented ingredient in it that allows it to start absorbing fat straight away so it will start working as soon as you swallow it.

Other similar products on the market have to be taken at least an hour before meals. 

Is this product suitable for all types of people? 

Yes, it is suitable for both men and women of all ages and backgrounds.
Unlike diet pills, which can be addictive or have serious side effects, this product is sourced from ingredients which are found in normal foods so is completely safe.

Is it safe to use while pregnant? 

Since this product does not contain any chemicals and is made of ingredients which are found in normal foods there is no risk in using it while pregnant.

Is it safe for diabetics? 

It is completely safe for people with diabetes and, in fact, one of the ingredients - has been shown to help reduce blood sugar and help support normal blood sugar levels. (Read about this in the ingredients information)

Can I take this product with prescription medications? 

Since this product binds to fat in the stomach, it is advisable to take it 1 hour prior to taking any medications that you take orally.


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